"...to know and demonstrate God's grace through his Son, Jesus Christ."

Our Philosophy

Every church has a philosophy of how it goes about living for God. They are the general principles that undergird conduct and actions. Simply stated, your philosophy of ministry describes why you do what you do. At CCE, these principles (called collectively our "Philosophy of Ministry") are as follows:

  • The purpose of our ministry is mission. Our ultimate objective is to make a difference for God by helping people become mature Christians. This means seeking to grow spiritually ourselves. It means a dedication to the faith for our families. It means we have a heart for others in our world.
  • The source of our ministry is God. As Christians, we cannot do what we do alone or in our own strength. We are dependent on God for power, wisdom, and grace as we participate with Him in the work He has prepared for us.
  • The context of our ministry is community. The Christian mission occurs in community, where human lives and hearts touch. We believe the church is not a place you come to, but a "family" you belong to.
  • The focus of our ministry is people. Christian ministry is always about people, not programs or facilities.
  • Every member is a minister. Under the leadership of Jesus, ministry is a shared task. To accomplish this task, the Holy Spirit bestows on every believer a supernatural ability to minister. By gifting Christians this way, God call us and enables us to mutually minister to each other and the world.