"...to know and demonstrate God's grace through his Son, Jesus Christ."

Our Story

Since we’re convinced the story of Community Church of Ephrata is the story of the work of God, it is a journey across time.

The most recent chapter began when a large group of folks with a number of core passions...the authority of the Bible and the truth it contained, the transforming work of Jesus Christ on the cross, and the unique peace and satisfaction experienced by following Jesus…. came together to plant a church. With these passions, their hope was to belong to a church family where folks could feel welcome and challenged to grow regardless of their place in their spiritual journey.

This group launched their first worship service in February 2005 with the purpose to create a community that knows and demonstrates the grace of God through his son Jesus Christ and that is exactly what seems to be happening. A church family is growing both in numbers and in depth made up of folks who are new to the Christian faith, have been a follower of Christ for some time, or are cautiously curious about Christianity.

As this group walked this road, they found their passions, convictions, and values resonated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (epc.org)...and so by the Spring of 2005, CCE found themselves a member of the EPC.

There is no doubt this journey is ongoing, and as it does, we are excited for the adventures that lay ahead.

Community Church Of Ephrata Story