"...to know and demonstrate God's grace through his Son, Jesus Christ."

Our Values

The mission of CCE is to know and demonstrate God’s grace through His son, Jesus Christ. This mission is the heartbeat of our church and the passion that drives our lives. From it flows three distinct and yet connected core values...

  • We are committed to clear Biblical teaching and preaching...Because we believe the Bible is the primary way our Lord reveals himself to us, it only makes sense to us that we would pursue a deeper and clearer understanding of it. From revealing who our Lord is to who we are before Him to our need for redemption to it being found in nothing else but Jesus' work on the cross to the work of the Holy Spirit transforming us into new creations, it is the Bible that holds the truth and so we teach it.
  • We are committed to living in Community…Because we believe that the gospel has knit us together into one family, it only follows that we would seek to grow into a deeper intimacy with one another. Because we all stand in the same desperate need of God’s grace, we all stand as equally valuable. In the same way, because we all have been gifted by the same God for His service, we all stand as equally necessary.
  • Purposeful Care for our Community…Because we believe that our Lord has placed us in Ephrata for His purposes, we long to care for our neighbors. The people of God have a long history of blessing those around them that began in God’s promise to Abraham to make him a blessing (Gen. 12:2). This is certainly experienced in caring for the physical needs of our neighbors, but it is most richly tasted in the sharing of our faith and their freedom from sin.