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Passing the Baton

Speaker: Bill Martin
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Reading: Luke 8:4-15
Series: Passing The Baton
A relay race is won or lost on the passing of the baton from runner to runner. Military jets fly in great danger if tankers are not precise and perfect as they supply fuel to other aircraft in flight. Just so, transitions between pastors is a delicate operation. There are hazards if the transfer is poorly handled by many key players: the outgoing pastor, the incoming pastor, the session and other leaders, the search team, and the congregation. We'll begin a three-part series this Sunday addressing these issues, considering both the big picture of what God is doing, and what we, members of the church, should be doing as this transition takes place. We hope you'll be with us. If you are, you'll be better informed and better prepared.